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July 09 2015


Ezra Furman: My Zero | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network

Today's feature comes from Evanston, Illinois artist Ezra Furman's 2013 indie pop album, Day of the Dog released via Bar None Records. This second album was issued after a four/five year effort leading Boston's Harpoons.

July 08 2015


Silhouette Cities: Enough | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network

Washington DC based Silhouette Cities will be releasing their new album “No Worse for the Wear” on August 4th. They were kind enough to send it to us pre-release, we had a listen, and selected Enough as today's Dose.

June 17 2015


JONAS CARPING – The Last Approval (first single from upcoming ...

Jonas Carping is one of those underdogs I have been following for several years. His brand new tune, “The Last Approval”, is the first single from his second solo album “Cocktails & Gasoline” (planned to be released in October 2015). I will not ...

June 16 2015


Caitlyn can rock a todo list.: MP3 blog 2015/06/16

MP3 blog 2015/06/16. blog 2015/06/16 - it all falls out below curled up and finally safe: http://thetastates.com/mp3s/blog/blog20150616.zip. Abadi Al Jawhar - Atshan (Thirsty): Rocking rocking back and forth. Gramatik - Native ...

PATRIK JAKUBOWSKI - Absolut Noise - Le Frenglish mp3 blog ...

I am a big fan of “grunge” Swedish band Riddarna. Have always supported them in this blog. Therefore, I was eager to listen to first single from Patrik Jakubowski, member of Riddarna, who goes solo with a debut EP named Ocean (the single ...

June 11 2015


Caitlyn can rock a todo list.: MP3 blog 2015/06/10

MP3 blog 2015/06/10. blog 2015/06/10 - gentle piano intro metal slag defeated: http://thetastates.com/mp3s/blog/blog20150610.zip. Baauer - Promises ft Fetty Wap & Dubbel Dutch: The slick restraint on here just let's you ...

June 03 2015


Caitlyn can rock a todo list.: MP3 blog 2015/06/02

MP3 blog 2015/06/02. blog 2015/06/02 - I'll never have you. But hey we grasp at illusion anyways: http://thetastates.com/mp3s/blog/blog20150602.zip. Big Brave - A Song for Foxes: Psych folk rock like this is the sound of love, ...

May 20 2015


The Wheel Workers: Burglar | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network

Today's Dose is by The Wheel Workers who are a Houston-based five-piece recently nominated as Houston's “Best Pop Act” in 2014's Houston Press Music Awards. Its the second single from their album Citizens which ...

May 19 2015


Lightning Bug: Bobby | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network

New York based shoegaze and dream-pop indie band Lightning Bug started out as a group of best friends who started creating music together with the main ambition to share it with as many people as possible. Not too long ...

May 18 2015


The Synthetic Dream Foundation: In Letters of Black Night ...

From their EP The Witch King (1st Movement) released on May 29th via Mythical Records.

May 17 2015


Black Angel: She Lost My Mind | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network

Black Angel originated in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles in 1999. Currently based in the Bay Area, they've just released two free singles, one is today's Dose, this song features the bass playing of Mike Stever and the ...

May 16 2015


Super Magic Hats: This Last Week | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music ...

Super Magic Hats is a Melbourne-via-London based musician, beatmaker and producer whose work embraces melody, noise and experimentation. As an accomplished guitarist and bass player, live instrumentation makes its ...

May 15 2015


Jeremy Bass: Firefly | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network

From his album New York In Spring, out June 9th, 2015.

May 14 2015


Crookram: Crookrilla | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network

Netherlands based artist Crookram (Chris Angelovski) hails from The Hague, with today's featured track coming from his 2010 release, 'Through Windows'. Angelovski said much of his inspiration and many of his samples ...

May 13 2015


Sorren Maclean: Tree of Darkness | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music ...

After a successful trip to the States with some tourdates here in California, Scottish artist Sorren Maclean has announced the release of his album, Winter Stay Autumn, available on 8th June 2015 via Middle Of Nowhere ...

May 12 2015


Tree Machines: Late Snow | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network

Today's Dose Late Snow is by Lawrence, Kansas-based duo, Tree Machines. The track appears on their just-released debut self-titled EP. Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | SoundCloud. Audio Player.

May 10 2015


Professor Kliq: Wire & Flashing Lights | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music ...

The original track by Chicago's own Professor Kliq, “Plastic & Flashing Lights”, has been around for ages. He felt it could use a bit of a face lift and even a name change, in light of Patator Productions' video, created by Victor ...

May 09 2015


Institute: Perpetual Ebb | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network

Politically speaking, not much has changed about the way Institute exists as a band since signing to Sacred Bones. Having members in Glue, Wiccans, and Back to Back, all fellow stalwarts of the Texas punk scene, helps ...

May 08 2015


Bells Atlas: Bling | Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network

Oakland, CA based Bells Atlas released their new single Bling and we're pleased to be able to bring it to you as today's Dose, the second from the Oakland, CA based band, following on from Future Bones, featured in April.

May 07 2015


George Ezra: Budapest (Creange remix) | Insomnia Radio: Indie ...

Parisian producer Creange recently issued this nice danceable remixed version of George Ezra's rising single, Budapest. We typically don't post too many remixes, but loved the tropical injection of sounds which definitely ...
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